Comparison of Website traffic analysis tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics need to insert GATC(Google Analytics Tracking Code) trough the Page Code something about a snippet of JavaScript code that tracks the activity of a website user by collecting data and sending it to the analytics module.

Monitors our own traffic

Good value for money



Alexa uses the Plug-In of Search Engine, collect online user’s behavior. After you pay the service charge, Alexa will provide you various related data through inserting Certificated Statistics in its system

Sometimes inconsistent

Poor quality

Used for ranking (network) traffic



Similarweb uses multi-domain modeling to collect various related data. Its big data include over 200 countries, and its data so far is out of our imagination. Similarweb also use statistic technology to collect almost every website’s related data which is highly accurate for reference.

Analysis of the competitive industry

Can be used with Google Analytics


Analyze and visualize the entire customer journey from first marketing touch all the way through immersive product usage, email and chat interactions, customer support and much more. Seamless setup and No SQL required.

Tracking Unique User in many ways

Get Paid monthly.

Better used for Global trading industry or high price product.